The Good Liar (2019)
Warner Brothers / New Line Cinema

Bill Condon
Production Designer:
John Stevenson
Supervising Art Director:
Vicki Stevenson

Lead Graphic Designer:
Alexa Galea
Assistant Graphic Designers: 
Beth Kendrick
Ola Podgorska
Kirsty Newman

Adaptation of the bestselling novel by Nicholas Searle, starring Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren, set in 1948 Berlin and 2009 London.

Billboard posters designed for 1948 Berlin British Zone (hand painted illustration and type)

Design and research of graphics for 1948 Berlin Soviet Zone street

1948 Volkspolizei ID card in German / Russian

Selected stills of the Schröder family (with Stuart Hendry)

Investigation wall with evidence spanning from 1940 - 2009 (original stills photographed by Stuart Hendry)

Full dress of Charing Cross tube station escalators and platform

Signage for Rastakovski butchers

Hayes & Paulsen and Approbate Trust logo / identity design and selection of financial and legal documents